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we are accepting blog posts in five areas.



This is a space for prospective students to learn about the graduate school application process. Through reflecting on our own experiences and offering tips, we strive to equip students with the tools for success.


Day 2 Day

Day 2 Day is where we offer practical advice about the daily grind. Potential topics include: time management strategies, tips for interacting with professors, and best practices for completing the dissertation, among others.



In this section, we celebrate our accomplishments, reflect on the good moments in grad school, and share and document our "wins." 


Battle Wounds

This is a space where we reflect on our growing pains, "share our wars" (to borrow from Nayyirah Waheed), and discuss the many challenges of being Black scholars in academia.


Mental Health

In this section, we aim to tackle the stigma surrounding mental health. Grad school is hard, and it affects all of us in a number of ways. Let's talk about it!


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