a list of academic conferences in various disciplines.


Black Studies

African American Intellectual History Society

The African American Intellectual History Society (AAIHS) is a scholarly organization founded by Chris Cameron in January 2014 to foster dialogue about researching, writing, and teaching black thought and culture.


National Council for Black Studies

NCBS was established in 1975 by African American scholars who recognized the need to formalize the study of the African World experience, as well as expand and strengthen academic units and community programs devoted to this endeavor. 


Association for the Study of African American Life and History

The mission of the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) is to promote, research, preserve, interpret and disseminate information about Black life, history and culture to the global community.


National Association of African American Studies

The national conference traditionally provides opportunities for scholars, students, and guests to engage in intellectual dialogue on a broad range of topics. Traditional subject areas include immigration issues, social sciences, HIV/AIDS, fine arts, business, political sciences, health sciences, history, education, medicine, law, etc.


Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora

Featuring the world’s leading scholars of the African Diaspora, the conference will bring together a range of activists and artists and host community events, including an African Diaspora food festival.


Intentionally Digital, Intentionally Black Conference

The first national conference of the African American Digital Humanities (AADHum) Initiative at the University of Maryland will explore how digital studies and digital humanities-based research, teaching, and community projects can center African American history and culture.


Black Communities Conference

This conference was created to bring together Black communities and researchers who are interested in history, culture, public health, arts, justice, religion, economic development and other topics.


Black Doctoral Network Conference

We provide opportunities for networking and collaboration and foster interconnectedness within the black intelligentsia for the purpose of eliminating the achievement gap among persons at all education levels while creating a pipeline for the most underserved students toward the upper echelons of the academy and beyond.


African Studies

African Studies Association

The ASA Annual Meeting is the largest gathering of Africanist scholars in the world. With an attendance of about 2,000 scholars and professionals, the conference offers the following: more than 300 panels and roundtables; plenary events featuring keynote speakers; awards ceremony and dance party; institutional and organizational receptions and meetings; an international exhibit hall; and screenings of award-winning movies from Africa, and/or by African producers.


Ethnic Studies

Critical Ethnic Studies Association

The Critical Ethnic Studies Association is a transnational, interdisciplinary, undisciplinary association of scholars activists students artists media makers educators scholars and others who are directly concerned with interrogating the limitations of Ethnic Studies in order to better engage the historical stakes of the field.


American Studies

American Studies Association Annual Meeting

The American Studies Association promotes the development and dissemination of interdisciplinary research on U.S. culture and history in a global context. Its purpose is to support scholars and scholarship committed to original research, critical thinking, and public dialogue.



The American Association for State and Local History

The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) is a national association that provides leadership and support for its members who preserve and interpret state and local history in order to make the past more meaningful to all people.


Organization of American Historians

Organization of American Historians, the largest academic membership association devoted to the study of American History, support American Historians, US History, and American History, history teachers, teaching American history.


The American Historical Association

The American Historical Association is the largest professional organization serving historians in all fields and all professions. The AHA has become a trusted voice for history education, the professional work of historians, and the critical role of historical thinking in public life.


Oral History Association

The annual meeting attracts a broad range of people and features the best work in the field. The meeting enables students and both emerging and established scholars to network and learn valuable skills.


Southern History Association

The Southern Historical Association seeks to promote: interest and research in southern history, the collection and preservation of the South's historical records, and the encouragement of state and local historical societies in the South. The Association fosters the teaching and study of all areas of history in the South.


Business History Conference

The Business History Conference is a scholarly organization devoted to encouraging all aspects of research, writing, and teaching about business history and about the environment in which businesses operate. Founded in 1954, the organization is now international in scope, with approximately 30 percent of its membership residing outside North America.


D.C. History Conference

The 44th Annual Conference on D.C. History is a collaboration between The George Washington University, the Historical Society of Washington, D.C., and the DC Public Library. Its mission is to provide a friendly and rigorous forum for discussing and promoting original research about the history of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.


English / Literature

African Literature Association

The African Literature Association welcomes the participation of all who produce the object of our study and hopes for a constructive interaction between scholars and artists. The ALA as an organization affirms the primacy of the African peoples in shaping the future of African literature and actively supports the African peoples in their struggle for liberation.


Modern Language Association Convention

The largest scholarly meeting in the humanities, the MLA convention brings together thousands of members to discuss new research, participate in workshops, and build their professional networks.


College Language Association

The College Language Association, founded in 1937 by a group of Black scholars and educators, is an organization of college teachers of English and foreign languages which serves the academic, scholarly and professional interests of its members and the collegiate communities they represent.


The Society for the Study of the Multi-ethnic Literature

Founded in 1973, MELUS endeavors to expand the definition of new, more broadly conceived US literature through the study and teaching of Latino, Native American, African American, Asian and Pacific American, and ethnically specific Euro-American literary works, their authors, and their cultural contexts.


American Library Association Annual Conference

ALA holds its Annual Conference & Exhibition each summer. As the world's biggest library event, the conference brings together librarians and library staff, educators, authors, publishers, friends of libraries, trustees, special guests, and exhibitors to engage and participate in the ongoing transformation of libraries.


American Comparative Literature Association

The American Comparative Literature Association, founded in 1960, is the principal learned society in the United States for scholars whose work involves several literatures and cultures as well as the premises of cross-cultural literary study itself.


National Black Writer's Conference

The National Black Writers Conference is a public program that provides writers, scholars, literary professionals, students, and the general public with a forum for expanding their knowledge and reading of Black literature and for engaging in dynamic and spirited conversations, panel discussions, readings, workshops, and performances on conference themes and on future trends in the literature of Black writers.


Sigma Tau Delta International Convention

Every spring, Sigma Tau Delta holds its annual international convention, a unique event that provides opportunities to discover new ideas in English and English-related disciplines, while engaging with speakers, presenters, and texts that members might not otherwise encounter.


National Council of Teachers of English

Each November thousands of literacy educators from across the country make the journey to a Convention that inspires their practice and rejuvenates their profession. They leave with new strategies for reaching their students, new allies in the work of excellent teaching, new connections with luminaries in the field and authors they admire, and enough new books to fill entire shelves in their classroom libraries.


TESOL International Convention & english Language Expo

TESOL’s International Convention & English Language Expo, the largest of its kind, provides the opportunity to showcase your latest products, publications, software, and TESOL teaching tools to more than 6,500 English language teachers, researchers, administrators, and teacher trainers from all over the world.


Film & Media Studies

Society for Cinema and Media Studies

The Society’s annual conference provides a forum for scholars and teachers of film and media studies to present and hear new research; to provide a supportive environment for networking, mentoring, and collaboration among scholars otherwise separated by distance, language, or disciplinary boundaries; and to promote the field of cinema and media studies among its practitioners, to other disciplines, and to the public at large, in part through public recognition of award worthy achievements and other significant milestones within the field.


FLOW Conference

Flow is an online journal of television and media studies launched in October 2004, and since then, we have published 1400+ columns by over 700 authors from around the U.S. and the world. Flow‘s mission is to provide a critical forum where scholars, teachers, students, and the general public can read about and discuss the changing landscape of contemporary media at the speed that media moves.


Console-ing Passions Conference

Console-ing Passions was founded in 1989 by a group of feminist media scholars and artists looking to create a space to present work and foster scholarship on issues of television, culture and identity, with an emphasis on gender and sexuality.  Over the years since the first conference took place at the University of Iowa in 1992, Console-ing Passions has expanded to become not only the most important conference for scholars studying gender in television but also one of the top conferences for scholars of media generally.


Cultural Studies

Fan Studies Network Conference

Building on the success of the annual Fan Studies Network conference in the United Kingdom, and with the support of our international colleagues, we invite submissions for a North American fan studies conference. We welcome all topics and themes related to media, sports, music, and celebrity fandoms, discussions of affirmative and/or transformative fans and their contributions, as well as meta-questions such as ethics and methodology.


Popular Culture Association

The Popular Culture Association is highly regarded in academe with thousands of academic oral presentations given internationally, two top-tier journals (The Journal of American Culture and Journal of Popular Culture), and over 3,000 members. This year’s conference should be exciting with papers on an enormous array of subjects.


Deep South in the Global South Conference

The Deep South in the Global South Conference is a three-day, interdisciplinary conference inviting all scholars and graduate students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences to submit critical and creative proposals that explore humanity’s interactions with and responses to an increasingly globalized world.


Black Portraitures

BLACK PORTRAITURE[S] IV: The Color of Silence is the eighth conference in a series of conversations about imaging the black body. We invite artists, activists, and scholars to reflect on the visual expressions of national imaginaries and political ideologies that negate racial differences and render black subjects invisible.



American Sociological Association

As the national organization for sociologists, the American Sociological Association, through its Executive Office, is well positioned to provide a unique set of services to its members and to promote the vitality, visibility, and diversity of the discipline. Working at the national and international levels, the Association aims to articulate policy and implement programs likely to have the broadest possible impact for sociology now and in the future.


The Society for the Study of Social Problems

The SSSP's stated purpose is to promote and protect sociological research and teaching on significant problems of social life and, particularly, to encourage the work of young sociologists; to stimulate the application of scientific method and theory to the study of vital social problems; to encourage problem-centered social research; and to foster cooperative relations among persons and organizations engaged in the application of scientific sociological findings to the formulation of social policies.


The Association of Black Sociologists

Social scientists have time and again demonstrated the persistence of enduring patterns of racial segregation at the residential, political and even regional level and across Higher Education in particular. The goal of the conference is to bring together a diverse range of scholars, scholarship, critical race theories and perspectives to assess, confess and trouble the enduring patterns of isolation and intellectual segregation under which Black sociology and sociologists are being produced.


The Southern Sociological Society

Established in 1935, the Southern Sociological Society is a society of professionals that promotes the development of sociology as a profession and scientific discipline by the maintenance of high academic professional and ethical standards, and by encouraging effective teaching of sociology, valid and reliable methods and research in the study of human society, diffusion of sociological knowledge and its application to societal problems, cooperation with related disciplines and groups, recruitment and training of sociologists, and development of sociology programs in educational and other agencies.


North Central Sociological Association

The objectives of the NCSA are to further the development of sociology as a scientific and scholarly discipline through stimulation and promotion of: scientific research in its defined subject matter area and the widest possible and feasible utilization of the knowledge and skills of sociologists and the findings of scientific sociological research by public and private agencies in all relevant social policy issues.


Eastern Sociological Society

Founded in 1930, the Eastern Sociological Society is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in sociological scholarship and instruction. The ESS sponsors a professional journal, a four-day annual meeting in the spring, a newsletter, numerous award competitions, an employment service, and a mailing list.


Mid-South Sociological Association

In the fall of each year, the Mid South Sociological Association holds an annual conference in one of its member states.  As with other professional organizations, the annual conference provides members an opportunity to network with other professionals, introduce students to the wider professional community and, most important, share and discuss current efforts in sociological research.


The Midwest Sociological Society

The Midwest Sociological Society, founded in 1936, is a professional organization of academic and applied sociologists as well as students of the discipline. Nearly 1300 scholars, students and practicing sociologists in universities, government and business belong to the organization. Known for its accessible but rigorous meetings, the MSS encompasses nine states – Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Kansas, South Dakota and North Dakota.


The Pacific Sociological Association

The mission of the Pacific Sociological Association is to advance scholarly research on all social processes and areas of social life; to promote high quality teaching of sociological knowledge; and to mentor the next generation of sociologists. Consistent with principles of scientific investigation, the PSA endorses engagement of sociologists in areas of social justice and social responsibility. 


Association for Humanist Sociology

Founded in 1976, the AHS emerged from our realization that conventional mainstream sociology was unresponsive to people, their needs, concerns and values. We came together not out of shared politics or similar "schools" of sociology, but out of a common concern for the real life problems of equality, peace and social justice. We share a commitment to address all facets of the human condition in our scholarship and in our practice, and to make sociology more relevant to human needs.


Sociologists for Women in Society

Sociologists for Women in Society is a nonprofit professional feminist organization dedicated to: encouraging the development of sociological feminist theory and scholarship; transforming the academy through feminist leadership, career development, and institutional diversity; promoting social justice through local, national, and international activism; and supporting the publication and dissemination of cutting edge feminist social science.


Gender & Sexuality Studies

National Women's Studies Association

The National Women's Studies Association leads the field of women’s studies in educational and social transformation. Established in 1977, NWSA has more than 2,000 members worldwide.  Our annual conference regularly draws more than 1,800 attendees and is the only annual meeting in the US exclusively dedicated to showcasing the latest feminist scholarship. 


Annual Faculty Women of Color in the Academy National Conference

The FWCA conference offers women of color faculty, university administrators, post-doctoral fellows, graduate students and undergraduates a unique educational and professional opportunity to network, engage, and learn with peers from around the country.


Communication Studies

National Comminication Association National & Regional Conferences

The National Communication Association advances Communication as the discipline that studies all forms, modes, media, and consequences of communication through humanistic, social scientific, and aesthetic inquiry. NCA serves the scholars, teachers, and practitioners who are its members by enabling and supporting their professional interests in research and teaching.


Cultural Rhetorics Consortium

The Consortium provides intellectual and community space for academics, activists, artists, teachers, and community members who practice cultural rhetorics. Cultural rhetorics is the study and practice of making meaning and knowledge with the belief that all cultures are rhetorical and all rhetorics are cultural. The Consortium operates to create space in which folks can find engagement, encouragement, support, and collaboration with each other.


Conference on College Composition and Communication

Since 1949, the Conference on College Composition and Communication has been the world's largest professional organization for researching and teaching composition, from writing to new media. CCCC advocates for broad and evolving definitions of literacy, communication, rhetoric, and writing that emphasize the value of these activities to empower individuals and communities.


Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference

We invite scholars and community members to join our conference by participating in and contributing to this lively exchange of dialogue and action concerning feminist rhetorics and rhetorical practices as they intersect with local, national, and international human rights movements.


Association for Education in Mass Communication and Journalism Conference

The Association’s mission is to promote the highest possible standards for journalism and mass communication education, to cultivate the widest possible range of communication research, to encourage the implementation of a multi-cultural society in the classroom and curriculum, and to defend and maintain freedom of communication in an effort to achieve better professional practice and a better informed public.


International Communication Association Conference

The International Communication Association (ICA) is an academic association for scholars interested in the study, teaching, and application of all aspects of human and mediated communication. ICA began more than 50 years ago as a small association of U.S. researchers and is now a truly international association with more than 4,500 members in 80 countries.


Sports Studies

International Conference on sport & Society

International Conference on Sport & Society attendees include leaders in the field, as well as emerging scholars, who travel to the conference from all corners of the globe and represent a broad range of disciplines and perspectives. A variety of presentation options and session types offer opportunities for attendees to share their work, discuss key issues in the field, and build relationships with attendees.


Sports Africa Conference

Research and scholarly work on sport in Africa have increased over the last decade taking both a local and global character. With an aim to promote and champion the African Sport Studies as a valuable interdisciplinary arena, in February 2004, the Ohio University hosted the first edition of ‘Sport in Africa’ Conference. Over the last 11 editions of this conference, a variety of themes were addressed, including Youth, Gender, Health, Communication, Development, Politics, Globalization and Global South and Subalterns, bringing together sport scholars and practitioners from African, American and European Universities.


North American Society for the Sociology of Sport

The North American Society for the Sociology of Sport (NASSS) exists to promote, stimulate, and encourage the sociological study of play, games, sport and contemporary physical culture. We invite members to submit sessions that “promote, stimulate, and encourage the sociological study of play, games, sport and contemporary physical culture”.


Sports Studies Caucus / American Studies Association

The members of the Sports Studies Caucus are dedicated to a consideration of sport that relates to issues of broader relevance: enriching and deepening connections between our work and the work of our not-so-sports-inclined colleagues. Sports resonate widely in American society at large, and that resonance attracts the intellectual energies of scholars from across the academic spectrum.


North American Society for Sport History

The purpose of the North American Society for Sport History (NASSH) is to promote, stimulate, and encourage the study of the history of sport; to support, stimulate and encourage scholarly writing and research related to the history of sport; and to cooperate with local, national, and international organizations having the same purpose. 



Society for Ethnomusicology

Founded in 1955, the Society for Ethnomusicology is a global, interdisciplinary network of individuals and institutions engaged in the study of music across all cultural contexts and historical periods. With a wide variety of scholarly presentations, discussions, films, workshops, and concerts, the meeting is a prime occasion to learn about current research in ethnomusicology and to make or renew contacts with others in the field.


American Musicological Society

The American Musicological Society's purpose is to advance scholarship in the various fields of music through research, learning, and teaching.  To do this, it publishes a Journal and a Blog, holds an Annual Meeting, supports books in musicology, and offers a broad array of grants, fellowships, and awards throughout the year.


Society for American Music

Conferences held each spring give members the opportunity to share information and ideas, to hear performances, and to enjoy the company of others with similar interests. In addition to formal papers, lecture-demonstrations, and performances planned by the Program and Local Arrangements Committees, the Society's Interest Groups organize sessions around their own interests.



The National Association of Black Journalists

The NABJ Annual Convention & Career Fair is the premier venue for journalism education, career development and networking opportunity that draws leaders in journalism, media, technology, business, arts and entertainment.



American Society of Criminology

The American Society of Criminology is an international organization whose members pursue scholarly, scientific, and professional knowledge concerning the measurement, etiology, consequences, prevention, control, and treatment of crime and delinquency.


Political Science

American Political Science Association

Founded in 1903, the American Political Science Association is the leading professional organization for the study of political science and serves more than 12,000 members in more than 80 countries. With a range of programs and services for individuals, departments, and institutions, APSA brings together political scientists from all fields of inquiry, regions, and occupational endeavors within and outside academe to deepen our understanding of politics, democracy, and citizenship throughout the world.


National Conference of Black Political Scientists

The National Conference of Black Political Scientists (NCOBPS) is organized to study, enhance, and promote the political aspirations of people of African descent in the United States and throughout the world. It aims to contribute to the resolution of the many challenges that black people confront.


Western Political Science Association

The Western Political Science Association was created for the purposes of promoting the study and teaching of government and politics, to foster research, and to facilitate the discussion of public affairs. The Association promotes these purposes in the spirit of free inquiry and free expression.


Midwest Political Science Association

MPSA conference sessions are organized by topic in more than 80 sections based on different subfields or areas of study. Many of these are interdisciplinary and provide participants with a new perspective on the research.


Social Sciences

Virginia Social Science Association Conference

The Virginia Social Science Association is a nonprofit membership organization founded in 1926. It is the oldest association of academic disciplines in Virginia. The VSSA brings together academics in the fields anthropology, business, criminal justice, economics, education, geography, history, international relations, political science, psychology, and sociology.



American Economic Association Annual Meeting

The AEA, in conjunction with 59 associations in related disciplines known as the Allied Social Science Associations (ASSA), holds a three-day meeting each January to present papers on general economics topics.


The National Economic Association

The National Economic Association (NEA) was founded in 1969 as the Caucus of Black Economists to promote the professional lives of minorities within the profession. In addition to continuing its founding mission, the organization is particularly interested in producing and distributing knowledge of economic issues that are of exceptional interest to promoting economic growth among native and immigrant African Americans, Latinos, and other people of color.


The Society of Labor Economists

The Society of Labor Economists exists for the purpose of exchanging research at its annual meeting. Beginning in 2000, SOLE affiliated with the European Association of Labor Economics (EALE) and every five years the two hold a joint meeting, alternating the hosting responsibilities.


Southern Economic Association

From its founding, the purpose of the Southern Economic Association has been to further the education of scholars and the public in economic affairs. Toward this end, it seeks to stimulate interest in and disseminate results of recent research in theory and applied economics.


Western Economic Association International

Founded in 1922, WEAI is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to encouraging and communicating economic research and analysis. The Association's principal activities include publishing two refereed quarterly journals -- Economic Inquiry and Contemporary Economic Policy -- and staging scholarly conferences that are forums for current economic research.


The Midwest Economics Association

The Midwest Economics Association is a non-profit organization whose purpose is the advancement of economic knowledge and the economics profession. The Association provides an annual forum for our members to exchange ideas and to present research. Any person who is or has been engaged in full-time or part-time teaching, research, or study in the fields of economics and business administration, or who has worked as an applied economist is eligible for membership in this Association.


Higher Education / Student Affairs

Association for the Study of Higher Education

ASHE is a scholarly society with 2,100 members dedicated to higher education as a field of study. It is committed to diversity in its programs and membership, and has enjoyed extraordinary success in involving graduate students in Association activities.


American Educational Research Association

The American Educational Research Association (AERA), founded in 1916, is concerned with improving the educational process by encouraging scholarly inquiry related to education and evaluation and by promoting the dissemination and practical application of research results. AERA strives to advance knowledge about education, and to promote the use of research to improve education and serve the public good.


NASPA Annual Conference

The NASPA Annual Conference is the premier student affairs professional development event. With over 7,000 student affairs educators, the NASPA Annual Conference is the largest event of its kind. With featured speakers who engage participants in thoughtful reflection on the field, over 500 educational sessions presented by student affairs professionals, and networking events that both engage and inspire us to do our work on campus, this event is one not to be missed!


American College Personnel Association Convention

The ACPA18 Convention is committed to upholding the values and mission of ACPA and focusing on the Association’s bold vision through a reimagining of the convention experience and its impact for our profession, our attendees, and the community at-large.


Southern Association for College Student Affairs Annual Conference

The Southern Association for College Student Affairs (SACSA) is an independent, regional, and generalist association designed for the professional development of practitioners, educators, and students engaged in the student affairs profession. The guiding principles below serve as the cornerstone for SACSA’s impact on higher learning.


Public Policy / Public Affairs

APPAM Fall Research Conference

The APPAM Fall Research Conference is a multi-disciplinary annual research conference that attracts the highest quality research on a wide variety of important current and emerging policy and management issues. The conference is comprised of panels, roundtables, and poster presentations and is designed to encourage substantive interaction among participants.


Midwest Public Affairs Conference

The Midwest Public Affairs Conference (MPAC) is a professional organization that promotes research, collaboration and socialization between academics, students, policymakers, and practitioners. It is an ASPA-affiliated event which serves the Midwest and Great Plains in a manner similar to the organization’s other regional affiliates, the Northeast Conference on Public Administration (NECoPA) and the Southeastern Conference of Public Administration (SECoPA).



American Psychological Association

APA is the leading scientific and professional organization representing psychology in the United States, with more than 115,700 researchers, educators, clinicians, consultants and students as its members. Our mission is to advance the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people's lives.


Association for Psychological Science

APS is the leading international organization dedicated to advancing scientific psychology across disciplinary and geographic borders. Our members provide a richer understanding of the world through their research, teaching, and application of psychological science. 


Society for Research in Psychopathology

The Society for Research in Psychopathology is an organization of established psychopathology researchers. The Society holds an annual meeting each Fall that provides a forum for presentation and discussion of current psychopathology research. The meeting includes symposia, paper sessions, invited speakers, and poster presentations, and many opportunities for collegial discussion.


Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies is a multidisciplinary organization committed to the enhancement of health and well-being by advancing the scientific understanding, assessment, prevention, and treatment of human problems through behavioral, cognitive, and biological evidence-based principles.


Religious Studies

American Academy of Religion

The 2018 Annual Meetings in Denver, Colorado, November 17–20, hosted by the American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature, is the world's largest gathering of scholars interested in the study of religion. Academic sessions, workshops, meetings, receptions, and tours … more than 1,000 events take place during the Annual Meetings.


School Counseling / Counselor Education

National Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference

The Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference provides school counselors with critical information about successful practice, evaluation, and relevant research to create dynamic and powerful school counseling programs. The conference uses a unique format to incorporate both peer-reviewed research presentations and small group consultation with leaders in the field.


Association for Counselor Education and Supervision

The Association for Counselor Education and Supervision is the professional organization committed to the advancement of quality counselor education and supervision. We support our members through our publications, opportunities for leadership and mentoring, as well as continued connections with leaders in the field.


American Counseling Association

Join us for the national counseling event of the year! Attendees can earn CEs through a wide variety of timely education sessions; take advantage of powerful learning opportunities such as the Grad Students & New Professionals Only Series; collaborate with counseling peers from around the globe; gain career insights and/or leads at the ACA Career Center; relax/recharge at special evening events, and so much more.


American Mental Health Counselors Association

Chi Sigma Iota (CSI) is an international honor society that values academic and professional excellence in counseling. We promote a strong professional identity through members (professional counselors, counselor educators, and students) who contribute to the realization of a healthy society by fostering wellness and human dignity.



Minority Health Conference

The Minority Health Conference is a yearly gathering where professionals and students from allied health fields come together to uncover and focus on eliminating the health challenges encountered by marginalized populations.This conference seeks not only to shed light on health inequities that persist in marginalized communities, but to also build a task force of emerging leaders and professionals to address these issues at the local, regional, and national levels.


American Public Health Association

APHA champions the health of all people and all communities. We strengthen the public health profession. We speak out for public health issues and policies backed by science. We are the only organization that influences federal policy, has a nearly 150-year perspective and brings together members from all fields of public health.


Museum Studies / Public History

National Council of Public History

NCPH inspires public engagement with the past and serves the needs of practitioners in putting historyto work in the world by building community among historians, expanding professional skills and tools, fostering critical reflection on historical practice, and publicly advocating for history and historians.


Association of African American Museums

The Association of African American Museums (AAAM) was established to provide professional development and networking opportunities to serve its membership base and African American and African diaspora audiences broadly. The Association has a longstanding success rate of convening leadership from national and international around issues of professional development and capacity building for 40 consecutive years, boasting a membership of nearly 500 individual and institutional members rallying around this worthy cause.


American Alliance of Museums

Since 1906 the Alliance has been a leader in developing best practices and advocating for museums, as well as providing a host of opportunities to museum staff and volunteers. More than 35,000 individual museum professionals and volunteers, institutions, and corporate partners benefit from the work of the Alliance.


Southeastern Museum Council

The Southeastern Museums Conference (SEMC), nonprofit membership organization, is an association of museums, museum staff, independent professionals and corporate partners. We focus on the Southeastern United State including: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.


Association for Living History, Farm and Agricultural Museums

The ALHFAM Annual Meeting & Conference is the largest single gathering of the ALHFAMily. Hosted each year by a member institution in the United States or Canada, the format includes formal papers, interactive workshops, the Annual Business Meeting, site visits and multiple opportunities for informal discussion. Sharing, fun and learning go hand-in-hand at this meeting, considered by many to be one of the most useful museum conferences available.



National Society of Black Engineers Annual Convention

NSBE is dedicated to the academic and professional success of black engineering students and professionals. NSBE offers its members leadership training, professional development activities, mentoring opportunities, career placement services and more.


Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students

 In order to move the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) forward, it's crucial that there is more diversity, which means the inclusion of minorities, women, veterans and people with disabilities working in these fields. Today, ABRCMS is one the largest professional conferences for underrepresented students. 


Society for Developmental Biology

The purpose of the Society for Developmental Biology is to further the study of development in all organisms and at all levels, to represent and promote communication among students of development, and to promote the field of developmental biology.


Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology

FASEB Science Research Conference (SRC) Series, began in 1982 to promote dialogue among investigators in the biomedical field. These international conferences welcome prominent scientists, faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students working in areas experiencing rapid scientific advances and conducting cutting-edge research.


American Society for Cell Biology

ASCB is an inclusive, international community of biologists studying the cell, the fundamental unit of life. We are dedicated to advancing scientific discovery, advocating sound research policies, improving education, promoting professional development, and increasing diversity in the scientific workforce.


Women in Cybersecurity Conference

WiCyS has become a continuing effort to recruit, retain and advance women in cybersecurity. It brings together women (students/faculty/researchers/professionals) in cybersecurity from academia, research and industry for sharing of knowledge/experience, networking and mentoring.


Grace Hopper Celebration

The Grace Hopper Celebration is the world's largest gathering of women technologists. It is produced by and presented in partnership with ACM. GHC 18 will be Sep. 26–28 in Houston, TX.



The International Leadership Association

The ILA is organized for educational purposes to serve as a global network for all those who practice, study, and teach multiple facets of leadership. The principal means by which our mission is accomplished is through the synergy that occurs by bringing together public and private sector leaders, scholars, educators, coaches, consultants, and students from many disciplines and many nations.


Association for Business Communication

The membership of ABC, like the field of business communication, is richly interdisciplinary, drawing members from such fields as management, marketing, English, speech communication, linguistics, information systems, to name only a few. Our membership also encompasses communication consultants and other business practitioners.


The PhD Project

The PhD Project was founded upon the premise that advancements in workplace diversity could be propelled forward by increasing the diversity of business school faculty. Today, our expansive network of supporters, sponsors and universities helps African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans and Native Americans attain their business PhD and become the business professors who will mentor the next generation of leaders.


Do you know any other conferences for grad students?