Wait! Before You Give Up, Try

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I’ve came to the realization that it’s time for me to take a break before it’s too late. I’m tired, school is running me into the ground, life after graduation thoughts are starting to consume my mind, and studying for the GRE is beginning to consume all my time. I’m sure at whatever point of schooling you’re in we have all come to the point of realization that we’re tired and we want to give up but before you officially lose it try to take a new approach at life, seriously.  Clear your mindset. Take a week off for yourself. If you can, go on a vacation. Whatever you do, just don’t give up!


I have a friend that was at the same exact point I’m currently at last year. She was finally done with undergrad and was soon to be off to Howard for law school when she completely lost it. The stress of beginning a new chapter of life and trying to end an old one can be stressful if your mind is not in the right place and if you lack good time management skills this causes so many students to throw in the towel after undergrad.


“I give up, I’m not going, I’m tired, I can’t do it.” I could not believe my friend was giving up on her dreams so easily but before I judged I had to figure out what lead her to this drastic decision. The problem was that she never took a break and she struggled with time management. School was like a continuous cycle, there were no summers off, no time to take a break, no time to herself. There was a new deadline every week and hours were spent studying, seeking internships, and doing research.


I now find myself in the same exact position. But before I flick graduate school applications off for good, I’ve decided to find a new way to manage my time and even take short breaks. A break for me does not mean sit a semester out or take a year off, but instead it means to take some well-deserved time off in between tasks for myself before I lose it! It’s okay to take a break but it’s never okay to give up.


If you’re planning to take a break between semesters I suggest having a strong mindset that you’re going to re-enroll in school and FINISH! Never get too comfortable with the idea of taking a break because the sky is the limit. My friend realized that she worked too hard to get into law school so after a well-deserved month away from paperwork, financial aid, and Sallie Mae she was ready to take law school by a storm, but what if you’re like me and don’t have a month to spare what do you do? 


The first thing you need to do is write down all your goals, assignments, application deadlines, and whatever other task you need to accomplish in a timely manner. This can be the overwhelming part, realizing what all needs to be done but nothing is impossible. 


Secondly, it’s time to find your balance. Section these goals off by order of importance/deadlines and then find a way to balance them. For example, I’m currently studying for my GRE and taking 12 credits during summer school which means work on top of work. I find that after I complete a school assignment I’m too tired to crack open my GRE book so I had to find a balance. Mondays are spent on school work, Tuesdays are my break day or day to finish any leftover assignments, Wednesdays and Thursdays are for GRE prep, Friday and Saturday are my break days, and Sunday is spent starting on new assignments and research. 


Once you have your goals and task written down it makes the vision clearer and more attainable. Everybody’s journey will be different but always remember before you give up try. Try a new approach at the situation you’re in and constantly keep finding new ways to reach your goals until you find something that works.


About the Author

Destiny is a Senior at Sam Houston State University pursuing a B.S. in Education with a minor in Psychology. After completion of undergrad she plans to enroll in a dual M.A./PhD program in Counseling Psychology. With her education she hopes to bring awareness to mental health in predominately black communities and school systems across the United States.

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