Don't Block Your Blessings: Why It's Time to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

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Photo: Adobe Stock


College is an interesting experience. Most likely, students are beginning their undergraduate studies fresh out of high school and then forced to choose the direction of where their lives may go. Every college has a different learning and social environment; some are more competitive while others more laid back.


No matter what the environment is, there are always those students who seem to “have their sh*t together.” How we perceive these individuals may cause us to compare our own situation to theirs. This comparison may start off innocent but has the potential to harm academic and social progress.


Here are a few reasons why we should not compare ourselves to others:


1. It makes us doubt our goals

At some point in our lives, we’ve dreamt of aspirations of what we would one day become. When we see others pursuing more “exciting” majors/careers, we second-guess our own interests. We begin to ask ourselves “Should I be doing more?” as if our personal goals are no longer good enough.


2. We end up wasting time

Time is valuable. OUR time is valuable. We waste precious time while trying to mirror someone else’s journey. A journey that was never intended for us.


3. And (potentially) money

In addition to time, comparing ourselves to others will cost money. An example would be: changing your major to something you secretly have no interest in because it’s the popular major at the time. Once you realize you don't like the subject, you decide to switch back to your original major. That could set you back an extra semester or even a year of college, which leads to more money being spent.


4. We miss out on opportunities

A blessing could be right in front of us; one that could change our situation or provide clarity. These opportunities are missed because we are not focusing on our own goals and interests. #Dontblockyourblessings


5. It kills our joy

There’s no greater joy than finding something we love and being able to pursue it wholeheartedly. Comparison, however, will never let us reach this point. Rather it will cause us to be discontent with our own lives. We need to focus on our unique gifts and know that our purpose was specifically made for us.



Taylor Cones is a recent graduate of Calvin College where she currently serves as an admissions counselor. Throughout her undergraduate years and as a working professional, Taylor gained a multitude of information about what it means to efficiently research and prepare for graduate school. As a JTG contributor, she hopes to inspire those who are seeking insight on how to successfully further their education.

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