The Feeling of Being Uncomfortable

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We are officially deep into the Fall 2018 semester, and I’ve been wasting time. It’s midterm season for me, and along with my midterms, and hectic Fall schedule, I’ve officially started preparing to apply to graduate school. Everyday, I research graduate programs, and I’m finally getting my life together.


Along with studying, I’ve honestly found myself spending most of my nights here on JTG, reading many of my team members’ blog posts. The community here on this blog is one of the best out there for aspiring minority graduate students like myself, and I really appreciate it.


However, I would be a liar if I didn’t mention how challenging life has been for me during my final months of undergrad. There have been many tough times, and times when I have felt like I’ve dropped the ball during this journey. There have been even more times when I have doubted myself and my academic ability to continue my education past undergrad.


For the past few weeks, I’ve found myself in a huge state of depression because I was afraid of rejection and what’s to come post-graduation. I started doubting myself and my abilities. I asked myself: “What are you going to do if someone tells you no, or if you get rejected?”


In my previous years of undergrad, any form of rejection would have automatically caused me to isolate myself from society. There have been times when I’ve been told “no,” and times when I’ve been rejected from something and I’ve completely shut down. But over these last few weeks, I have become my biggest hype woman.


“What are you going to do if you are rejected, Destiny? What are you going to do if you miss an opportunity or fail? What are you going to do other than give up?” These questions popped up in my head every single day until I finally answered myself. “I’m going to keep pushing.” A voice in my head tells me to keep moving every single time I want to give up, because I know I am destined for greatness.


There is power in rejection that many of us don’t see. Rejection does not mean that you have to wave the red flag. Instead, it can be a sign that you to have to push through! Push through whatever is holding you back, such as fear, discouragement, and others’ opinions. Go for what is yours. If it’s for you, you will receive it. And if it’s a missed opportunity, it may not have been meant for you. Remember, not every season is ours; some seasons are for preparation.


Let rejection be the gas that fuels your mind. Let missed opportunities challenge you to never miss another. Let the word “no” light a fire under you that makes you uncomfortable. We cannot grow by staying in our comfort zones. We must become uncomfortable. Hint, hint, that’s why we call it “growing pains.” If you’re in an uncomfortable situation right now, have you ever thought of it as a sign that it’s time to grow?


I am extremely uncomfortable and nervous about not knowing my next step in life. But this situation has forced me to grow like no other and keep moving forward. We do not have time to dwell on the past or the challenging circumstances that life presents. So I ask you, what are you going to do about your current challenges? Are you going to sit around and bask in the challenges or are you going to boss up and keep going? The decision is yours, claim what’s yours, speak what you want into existence and make things happen for yourself. Keep pushing daily because you never know who is watching. 

- Destiny


About the Author

Destiny is a Senior at Sam Houston State University pursuing a B.S. in Education with a minor in Psychology. After completion of undergrad she plans to enroll in a dual M.A./PhD program in Counseling Psychology. With her education she hopes to bring awareness to mental health in predominately black communities and school systems across the United States.

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