Office Hours: Michael Williams

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Michael Williams @Commandr_nchief

Higher Education Administration Ed.D. Student at Northeastern University


What inspired you to attend grad school?

The desire to become a college/university president inspired me to attend graduate school.


Tell me about your proudest grad school moment. Why was it special for you?

Recently I was awarded the Northeastern Academic Excellence Scholarship by the College of Professional Studies. This is my first scholarship with my doctoral program and it has allowed me to travel to ACPA this spring.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve gotten while in grad school?

Dr. Billye Sankifa Waters drilled into my head her 1:1:1:1 theory. Often times as grad students we look for ways to solve the world problems immediately. However, "Dr. B" explained that it takes "1 theory to solve 1 question guided by 1 method to attract 1 group of participants". This is been extremely helpful in not allowing me to stress myself out. 

Thanks, Dr. B.


If you had to describe your Black grad experience with one song, which one would it be, and why?:

"Coaster" - Khalid
"So I'll be coasting, roller coasting
Through my emotions
I'll be coasting, roller coasting
I'm hoping that you'll come back to me" 

The graduate experience is a rollercoaster of emotions that often turns your stomach every day, every assignment, and at the end of every quarter. This song is primarily about a broken relationship, but I go through the same experiences with this degree.


What has been your biggest obstacle in grad school

Working full time, parenting, conference presentions, Being BLACK, navigating the midwest cornfield living.


If you could go back to the first day of grad school, what advice would you give to yourself?

Start a google drive folder early.


How do you think your identities have informed your graduate experience?

My identities have allowed me to challenge norms and be vulnerable in my academic writing to sometimes be the voice of those who can not speak. I encourage all to validate their experience and find their voice.


How do you intend to use your degree in the future?

First, I'm going to drop my dissertation in a Soundcloud link. Then I'm going to apply to all presidential positions and get these coins.

Feel free to reach out to Michael:

Twitter: @Commandr_nchief