What a Difference a Year (or Two) Makes: A Testimony

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Photo: iStock


During the start of my third year of grad school, I took some time to tweet about my PhD journey. Since then, I've experienced a few more highs & lows, but my main point still holds true: Be patient with yourself, because A LOT can change in a year! 



  • "Progress" isn't always linear. Sometimes, it's a series of setbacks.

  • Your ideas matter, even if you can't articulate them like others.

  • You belong. You weren't admitted to grad school by mistake.

  • Surround yourself with people who hold you accountable.

  • Even the "legends" in your field were once beginners.

  • A lot can change in a year. Grant yourself the space to grow.


About the Author

Bennie is a third-year PhD student at Northwestern University, where he is studying African American Studies. He created Just Tryna' Graduate to help Black students get to & through graduate school. You can find him on Linkedin and Twitter.