The Vision

Words from our Founder.


"I'm just tryna' graduate!"

In January 2018, I set out to build a community dedicated to helping Black students get to & through graduate school.

A PhD student myself, I called the project Just Tryna' Graduate to speak to my own desire to finish school (the struggle is real), but also to note that, for Black students, the journey to graduation isn't easy.

In fact, many of us find ourselves navigating academic spaces that aren't meant for us.

But I want JTG to be a space where we, as Black college & grad students, can talk openly about our experiences, and share advice to help those who are interested in pursuing a similar path.

I don't have all of the answers, though. So please, if you would like to guest blog or share your perspective in Office Hours, let me know. 

The goal is to create something that helps all of us "win."


Much love,


Bennie Niles IV, JTG Founder